July 18th, 2005


2005 Los Angeles vacation, day 3: Santa Monica, star sightings and refrigerator shopping.

We headed out early Monday morning to get the best parking in Santa Monica. It was overcast and almost chilly when we parked at the beachfront near Santa Monica Pier, but Laurel was happy to get wet before we changed her into her swimsuit and played in the sand con brio.

Everyone had fun with Laurel's new sand set, which included a gargoyle mold and enough tower/wall molds to go around, but the Ariel figurine returned to the sea after Laurel pitched it in to wash the sand off it. Little James found a small crab and put it in an empty juice bottle with intent to bring it home, but I think he was talked out of it. I took a photo of it for him, as well as the girls' handiwork burying Laurel's legs and molding the sand to look like a mermaid.

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