July 7th, 2005

Manga-style me

London attacks (links to articles on talking with kids about it) and a very gray day.

It's surreal to get the news on delay.

We watch children's television in the morning (they don't break in with news) and get not-so-great radio reception indoors, so I didn't catch up on the morning news until I sat down at the computer, skimmed the NPR headlines (I set them as a Live Bookmark in Firefox) and refreshed my Friends page, where over half the posts are talking about the London attacks and particular people they're hoping to hear from.

I mentioned in a comment to a friend that I was thinking about how to talk to Laurel about the attacks, so I dug up a few resources other readers might find useful:
- Talking With Kids About War and Violence from PBS Parents
- Dealing With Disaster: Talk It Out, Take Care Of Yourself, Answer Kids' Questions from WebMD
- Talking With Kids About Tough Issues (aimed at communicating with 8-12 year olds)


It has been just-after-dawn dark here all day, thick cloud cover and it barely broke 80 degrees by 1100. Accuweather (via Forecastfox) gives our local weather forecast for today as "A stray afternoon t-storm, 98", but it's been rumbling for awhile now and Laurel keeps asking if it's going to thunder or not. I hope it brings some much-needed rain.