May 25th, 2005


Media diet: Sesame Street remixes, covers and rare albums.

As many of you know, I'm a big Sesame Street fan. Since I recently extracted the audio track from the video (, 22 MB) of the DJ Food remix of the Pinball Count Song that appears on the ZENtv DVD Ninja Tune compilation so I could add it to my iTunes library, I thought I should say something about it. Then I forgot what I was going to say, except that it's hugely entertaining and Walt Kraemer should be honored for composing a song that has been stuck in my head for over 20 years.

While digging up the link to the video file, I found out that York University a cappella group Wibijazz'n did covers of both the Sesame Street theme and the Pinball Count Song on their 2002 album In The Pocket, so that's been added to my future purchase queue.

I've conceded that I no longer have the mix CD that had the Smart E's remix of the Sesame Street theme. If anyone can point in me in the right direction to acquire another copy, I'd appreciate it.

Yesterday, Laurel danced to most of the 1978 album Sesame Street Fever, which I actually owned on 8-track at one point but currently have in in MP3 format courtesy of SesameSeventies. (Sadly, the site appears to be down.) There's always something funny about Robin Gibb interacting with various Sesame Street characters.

Misc purchases: Sasha album from iTunes, cross-stitch patterns, temporary caffeine fix.

While downloading Sasha's 2002 album Airdrawndagger from iTunes, I noticed the iTunes Store listed an album for him that I didn't even vaguely recognize. A quick check at Amazon didn't bring it up (because it wasn't by him, see below) but I found out he's got a new album, Fundacion, slated for US release on 21 June. *swoons*

The mystery album, Percussionata Project, is by a different Sasha that's a classical guitarist. I poked around Apple Support for awhile but didn't see a way to report to them that the album neither belongs in the electronic genre nor is it by the Sasha it's associated with in the iTunes Store.

Note to Vogon: I know I mentioned the the Verve Remixed series to you today; you might be tickled to know each volume has a counterpart in the Verve Unmixed series. It's so clever it might hurt.


Today's mail check yielded an order of cross-stitch patterns from Fantasy Crafts I'd made as a slightly belated Mother's Day splurge. My loot: Teresa Wentzler's limited-edition "You Were Hatched...", Dragon Dreams' "Tooth Fairy Pillows", and  Dragon Fire Designs' "Family" and "Together" ("Friend" rounds out their American Sign Series patterns; I'll track a copy down later).

I was confused when I found three sheets where I expected the invoice to be, but was pleasantly surprised to find two were freebie designs: "Morning Fairy" from Dragon Dreams, which makes me giggle ("I don't do cute before coffee") and will be on their samples page on 12/31/2005, and "Wanna Trade?" from Cross-Eyed Kat, which is as cute as a bug and I'll probably stitch up as a tin topper in the near future.


I went down to the vending machine by the pool to get caffeine earlier tonight (it's time to go grocery shopping; I'll pay $1 for a 20 oz. bottle of Coke when my choices are caffeine or migraine) and the frelling machine jammed while dispensing the Coke. I didn't have an extra dollar bill on me, so I took Vogon's soda upstairs and left it for him while I went back down to get my sodas (I had to buy a second bottle to get both out of the machine) and check the mail. When I came back, he hadn't even noticed his drink sitting there! Space cadet. (;