April 29th, 2005

File under T for TRASH

Miscellaneous complaining. Disregard at will.

So far, today has simply underscored an increasingly depressing week. I hope that after Vogon gets in tonight, he can keep an eye on Laurel for a bit so I can take a nap or at least just close myself in the bedroom and plug my ears for awhile. (I know I don't deserve the break, but I would really like some time to close my eyes without having Laurel in my face when I open them. Heh, that just summed up the last four and a half years in a single sentence.)

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I would really like some bread to eat the aseptic-packaged spinach dip that's been languishing in the fridge and taunting me. After the second day of lunch in sans Vogon and Laurel puking intermittently all morning, it's the only food that looks even vaguely appetizing. I don't want to take her out for the walk to the grocery store if she's still sick, so I'll just go without. It won't kill me to miss a meal.