April 23rd, 2005


Missed Enterprise, feeder birds, and the weirdest Spongebob stickers ever.

I screwed up earlier tonight when Vogon took a nap and I forgot to wake him in time for Enterprise. In my defense, I was learning that Benadryl and Tavist taken too close together makes me light-headed and spacey, though I'm glad it worked after my usual nasal sprays barely made a dent in blasting the sinuses on the left side of my head into draining. Luckily, the episode will be rebroadcast at 2100 Sunday.

He was getting Biko all wound up with a feather toy earlier tonight when I commented that it'd be interesting if there were feeder birds available, like feeder fish, at the pet store. He replied, "Like finches?" *ahem*

A sticker machine gave me the most unintentionally sexual stickers of Spongebob Squarepants I've ever seen.

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Contact lens dream, eye drops, trip to Fry's; rambling on Mister Rogers, wooden railroads, &c.

I had a strange dream last night involving contact lenses. My sole experience with them was during my freshman year of high school; I decided to stick with glasses since poking myself in the eye several times a day (they swam out frequently) was unpleasant and since then, I've had trouble simply applying eye drops.

The trick I use to apply them now is to have my eye almost closed, squeeze a couple drops near the inside corner of my eye, then blink rapidly to spread the drops. It's been extremely helpful lately with all the wild tree sex (thanks to sage_and_sea for the phrase) that's been going on here. I was starting to wonder if I was allergic to myself after the side effect rash flared back up last weekend in near-conjunction with an itchy eye day, but now that I'm keeping the doors closed and using air conditioning as needed it's much better.

We went to Fry's Electronics today to look at PDAs; Vogon is thinking about replacing his current cell phone with a Siemens SX66 wanted to compare it to regular non-phone PDAs. I double-checked their website to make sure we get to the Plano store expediently. (We've only been there twice since it opened and got moderately lost finding it the second time.) Laurel was cranky that she didn't get a movie, but I did check out the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood DVD releases.

Neither looks worth the price for just two episodes per disc, although I like the circus episode. Both discs are available with special edition packaging where the DVD comes with a wooden-track car (Neighborhood Trolley or a Speedy Delivery truck) or the DVD case is encased in a sweater-style package with a Trolley zipper charm.

The wooden-track cars are cute, but I'd rather see DVDs of an entire 5-episode series, particularly the operettas (I love the musicals they put on) and Neighborhood of Make-Believe collectibles like reproductions of the miniature Neighborhood of Make-Believe buildings or art prints of the artwork in his kitchen. If those were available, I'd buy them in a heartbeat -- the only reason why I haven't bought the detailed Neighborhood Trolley replica is because I can't justify $60 for a single item right now. I'm thinking about buying the separately available track-size Trolley (not the same as the one with the DVDs) because we've got wooden train parts out the wazoo and I know she loves Trolley almost as much as I do.

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On our way back, we saw a sizable smoke plume and started heading toward it, but got stymied by the roads in Bent Tree North. While heading back toward the house and marveling at the luxurious house specs (one house for sale there is a 4/4/3 with a pool, library, four fireplaces and three wet bars) for these McMansions with barely ten feet between houses, I commented that it looked like Stepford without the acreage and imagined the neighborhood being created by a giant monster crapping brick houses every few feet.

While we were out, we stopped at the new Whataburger open on the NW corner of Frankford and Marsh. I love their onion rings even more than I remembered, but learning they serve breakfast from 2300-1100 was the real find of the day for me. Yum. (: