March 31st, 2005


Confirmation my molar is abscessed, health coverage starting soon, and Furryville toys.

I saw the dentist this morning and, as expected, my molar is abscessed. I'm on a week's course of clindamycin (penicillin is usually the first choice, but I'm allergic to it) and I have an appointment for next Thursday for either extraction or a root canal with a crown afterward. I'm open to your input either way.

In other health news, Laurel and I should have health insurance shortly. It includes no-cost immunizations to age 6, so she'll be squared away there for school.


On a totally unrelated note, I've been seeing ads for Furryville toys lately. They remind me of someone mentioning awhile back that she had a dollhouse populated with little stuffed mice. Laurel wants the Pigbys in the Kitchen, which makes me do a double-take every time I hear "the Pigbys are all bakin'" in the ad. *ahem*