March 1st, 2005


Was that dog's name Tostada?, cabochon earrings, and yes, I am pussy whipped.

I tucked in early last night but was woken up a scant hour later by what I thought was a very loud nightmare. After I woke up, I realized our neighbors with the Rottweiler had let it outside off-leash to do its business and it wasn't responding to the man yelling for it. Either the dog's name sounds a lot like 'tostada' or my nightmare was set in Pancho's.

One of the things I've missed the most since losing one of my amber cabochon earrings a few years ago is that I feel pretty with that particular size/shape of earring on. Himself and I looked for a replacement pair at Red & Green Mineral in late 2003 with no luck, so I bought an inexpensive pair of spherical amber earrings and picked out a pair of moonstone cabochons for him to set for me. I don't expect those to be mine someday, so I was quite surprised a few days ago when Vogon gave me a pair of opal cabochon earrings. I couldn't help smiling at how much I like the way that cut looks on my ears when I put them on today.

Biko has trained me so well that when I went into the study to watch one of Vogon's favorite scenes in Farscape (he rented the first season on DVD), she vacated my seat on the couch and, in his words, threw herself at me for some scritchin' and lovin'. Once I was done, she got up and went over to his chair as if to say "your turn". Heh.

A few quick notes:
- I didn't use Trillian for awhile and found my meticulous grouping and meta contacts had disappeared in my absence, so if you IM me and I don't recognize your screen name, you know why.
- The cable's still on, so we'll hopefully be watching Veronica Mars tonight on the larger TV in the living room. Mmm, Kristen Bell. (edit: We turned on the TV to find some Top Model thing, so I watched House, MD while he napped.)
- Laurel gets so quiet in the bathtub it's amazing. I've had almost twenty minutes without being interrupted by a loud noise from her.