February 24th, 2005


Cable preview, shopping FlyLady, and look! Two women f^w^w^w A syndicated feed of Radio Free Srini.

Laurel is loving the free cable preview we have this week from Comcast. I'm not sure whether we'll subscribe afterward, but it might be nice since we have no antenna reception in the living room. I enjoyed watching the Discovery Channel last night, but it's really just extra noise most of the time and we get fair reception in the other rooms we have TV sets... speaking of which, can someone fill me in on this week's Medium? I missed it since I was sick.

I'm planning to buy a FlyLady patch to stick on my control journal (which I'm finally getting off my franny and starting to use!) since I'm afraid the zippered binder Vogon gave me might get confused with the other zippered binders we have, which are embroidered with either the logo of the company he worked for pre-acquisition by his current employer or the name of their flagship product. The patch would cover almost all of the holes if I picked out the original embroidery and I think I could easily dress up around it with a little hand embroidery. (: I just have to resist the urge to buy a duster or a copy of Sink Reflections.

While commenting on someone's userpic of the Unamerican star logo (and offering them my navy star logo tee since I rarely wear it) in a community, I added the syndicated feed of !!!srini's blog to my LJ Friends view: radiofreesrini. He's always an interesting read, as well as my local Penguins dealer source when I lived in North Carolina. kenwestervelt met him at a show in Charlotte, although I think that entry is in his since-deleted LJ account. Oh well. Mosh clockwise!
Manga-style me

Love means picking up your dog poop when you live in an apartment complex.

There's something to be said for being a responsible pet owner.

I took Laurel downstairs this afternoon to pick up some things she'd thrown off the patio. In the process of picking up after ourselves, the soles of our sandals got just covered in dog poop. While we were walking back from the dumpster (once she throws something off the patio, it gets thrown out; it's mostly chalk and carry-out plastic cups) we saw a dog on a retractable leash at the bottom of a set of stairs with someone coming down the stairs behind it, so we stopped and thanked the woman holding the leash for being a responsible pet owner. She looked confused but nodded and smiled at us.

The new management of our complex is offering continental breakfast and mimosas on Saturday morning to get to know the residents. I think I'll go to ask what they plan to do about the dog poop and our neighbor who keeps letting their Rottweiler outside off-leash. I'm not wild about animals off-leash on shared property, but I think it's bordering on cruel to have a large dog when you live in an apartment. What can they do indoors all day?