February 23rd, 2005


Asian Food Grocer goodness, two surveys on blogging, and birthday wishes for lil_sass!

In search of more Fun Chops yesterday, I wound up at Asian Food Grocer, where I also picked up Fujiya Milky candy, a children's rice bowl with penguins on it and a metric buttload of 3" square origami paper. While poking around looking at the fun things they, I spotted a Hello Kitty toaster and was overwhelmed by cuteness. The power of cuteness compels you to look at it. The power of cuteness compels you!

Two surveys on LJ/blogging for the interested:
- one seeking fresh data for a conference paper with a random prize for every 30 responses;
- weetanya is writing a paper about LiveJournal and is looking for folks who started journals when they were 18 or younger to answer a few questions..

Also: Happy birthday, lil_sass!