February 12th, 2005


Strawberry Shortcake on my arse and the 'places I've lived' meme.

I had a blemish on my back at my waistline (where regular-waisted garments would fall, not hipster or low-riding ones would) and to help it heal, Vogon helpfully picked out and applied a bandage for me. Now I have Strawberry Shortcake on my arse, to which he replied "Get a fork!". Whee.

And now for something not very different, a meme...

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Blueberry ginger snaps + Brie = bite-sized cheesecake heaven.

When Vogon made a quick run out to Sigel's earlier this afternoon, I asked him if he'd pick up some dill Havarti because it goes well with the rosemary crackers we have.

What he came back with was even better: blueberry Kirsten's Skandi Snaps cookies and Brie, which together taste like blueberry cheesecake.
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