January 31st, 2005


First impressions on the Flip-N-Flush, VibraLITE watch and Potty Elmo.

My potty-training order from ZIP Baby arrived today. Initial impressions:

- I still haven't installed the Flip-N-Flush seat because removing the plastic screws that hold the lid/seat assembly onto the toilet has taken ridiculously long and I still haven't gotten either screw out yet.
- Laurel immediately took to the VibraLITE watch and minds the countdown timer's beep/vibration very well, though she keeps changing how it goes off since she figured out which button to press for that. Heh. Also need to either acquire or make a smaller band for it, as the one it came with would be generously sized on me so I'm amazed it's still on her .
- Haven't set up the Potty Elmo yet, but Laurel keeps walking by the kitchen entrance and peeking in at it. The encouraging song is really cute but I think it'll mostly be used while Vogon's at work so the voice and singing doesn't drive him bats.

Back to working on removing the darn plastic screws so I can install the Flip-N-Flush...