January 19th, 2005


Sewing moment of zen, project idea links, and IKEA finally coming to someplace I live.

I don't belong to many sewing communities because the overwhelming majority of posts are photos of t-shirt reconstructions or requests for step-by-step directions of things that would be much simpler to learn by using a purchased pattern, reading a book or taking a class, so I boggled when someone posted to advanced_sewing:
[. . .]  Anyway, i have a sewing machine, and i have an incredible pattern...but i don't know how to use it. Could someone tell me about how to use it and such?

Even after they replied to the first comment, I still can't tell whether they don't how to use a sewing machine or a pattern. Buh?

Now that you've had your daily moment of Zen...

  • A few project links for future reference:

  • We're still discussing making the teepee. We don't want to spend too much on fabric and aren't in agreement yet on what type of fabric to use. I think a survey of the $1-2/yard choices at Hancock and Wal-Mart this weekend is in order.

  • IKEA is opening a store this summer in Frisco. A window-shopping pilgrimage sans midget would be a wonderful thing to do for my birthday.

  • Wednesday is refrigerator boogie day for FlyLady folks, so I'll hold the bag open while you toss -- or something like that. I've been doing it in fits and starts today, so the top shelf is done and I'm slowly working my way down.