December 23rd, 2004

Manga-style me

Good news: car's better. Bad news: I have conjunctivitis.

Vogon's walking out to pick up the car up from the shop as I type. Think warm thoughts for him; I've already warmed him up once this morning after he went downstairs to meet the towing service.

I am glad the car's repairs were fairly simple, but they dried up our non-essential spending until sometime next month and the mild irritation in my right eye is now clearly conjunctivitis.

If it hasn't cleared up by mid-January or so, I guess I'll have to see the doctor again. The visit in November for my kidney infection was enough (and I was already well on the mend by time I saw him) that I won't worry unless Laurel gets it from me, and I'm doing my best to make sure she doesn't.

In the meantime, I'm being scrupulous abvout washing my hands every time I touch my face, my blankets are in the washer now with hot water and bleach and I'll be washing pillowcases and sheets later today.

Has anyone tried Similasan's Pink Eye Relief eye drops?