December 21st, 2004

Manga-style me

Miscellaneous rambling and Laurel remembers "her" carousel horse.

I've been quiet lately since I have an abscess against one of my molars that's giving me guff (every time I use that word I imagine HST shouting "Don't take any guff from those swine!") and I keep unconsciously clenching my teeth. I'm irrigating it regularly with a 2:1 water-peroxide solution in the Waterpik, so it should clear up in a few days.

We tagged along with Vogon to Stonebriar Centre early Saturday evening and Laurel chose the exact same carousel horse she rode in May, which I found amusing. I may post a photo of it after I unload the camera.

Holiday cards are finally going out later today. It's later than I'd planned, but I figure better late than never. My sister found the two booklets of stamps I bought for last year's never-sent cards and called me to say thanks for the stamps but no thanks for addressing all the envelopes so she couldn't use them. Heh.

Note to self: remember to write blurbs about The Saddest Music in the World and Bollywood Queen for TODCRA.

Merry Christmas indeed. If the neighbors are responsible, I hope they get evicted.

Vogon left to do a little shopping earlier this afternoon. I was going to make a post about how I'm confused that he insisted on getting gifts for Laurel and I after I've repeatedly told him we're fine (she's going to be buried in gifts from relatives), but as I was sitting down to type, he came in and said, "We won't be going anywhere for awhile."

Someone slashed the tires and knifed the top of Vogon's car. They also opened the gas cap, which suggests something was added to the tank.

We can't think of anyone that would have any problem with us other than the downstairs neighbors, who I called the police about once at 0330 on a Sunday morning in November to ask them to turn their music down. (They play music at floor-shaking levels at all hours, especially 2200-0000 and 0300-sometime after dawn on weekends.) They threw a very loud party last night that another neighbor may have called the police about, but I was asleep through most of it because my sleep schedule's off and I was dead tired.

He's talked to the police twice -- first they said they'd call back, then he called again after seeing that there's snow in the weather forecast and with the car at the end of a carport, we worry evidence will be damaged by it. I'm hoping they send someone out to take fingerprints off the car before the bad weather moves in and that whatever was done to the gas tank is on the less expensive end of the price range to repair.

ETA 2030: The police finally called back... but Vogon was asleep and he's hard to wake, so the woman on the other end told me he can call back anytime. Somehow I doubt anyone's going to come out to see the car before Christmas. I'll go take pictures in the morning so at least they'll have that.