December 14th, 2004


On photos: printing (mostly) done, Laurel taking them by herself and a holiday post coming soon.

Photo printing was an adventure. Since all Walgreen's lists on their website for in-store digital printing is 29c 4x6" prints, I figured wallet-sized prints would be reasonably priced. I was wrong: $1.99 for a 4-up of wallets on a 4x6" sheet, plus I was shorted two prints (one wallet sheet and the 4x6" that was supposed to go in Himself's gift). I'll get the 4x6" printed again there sometime this week and in the future, I'll plan further ahead and be more careful about where I get things printed.

Speaking of photos, Laurel is mastering shooting with my digital camera. While I have to remember to wipe her fingerprints off the lens after she uses it, it thrills her because she can see the photos she's made as soon as she brings the camera to me to switch it into preview mode for her. It's also relatively stress-free since it takes her a couple of days to fill the 128Mb card and we keep a charged set of batteries ready. I'll set up a Gallery album and start uploading photos in the near future so you can see that she shoots exactly what she sees. I delete the photos of the TV, which is her most frequent subject, but other frequent subjects include people, the cat, her feet, books and stuffed animals.

I have some more holiday-related photos to post of the tree and our amaryllis (the first stalk bloomed and went by last week and the second stalk is in full bloom now, so it must have been celebrating Hannukah *g*), but they'll probably wait until later in the week since I need to put in some quality time getting the remainder of the nerdsprout's stuff boxed. Laurel keeps asking me when I'm going to work on her room!

Interesting things in today's mail and a note for revme.

Interesting things in today's mail: credit card offers for Laurel, me, and a Martha [VogonLastName], a signed copy of To the Last Man I Slept with and All the Jerks Just Like Him (thanks Gwen! thanks chicklit!), a please-donate letter from The Smile Train (how'd I get on their mailing list?) and a mystery box from

Confidential to revme: Vogon opened the box in case it was a surprise and grinned when he saw who it was from. He's promised to wrap the contents to go under the Christmas tree, provided Biko doesn't stake out the entire tree skirt for herself. (;