December 9th, 2004


Wherein Laurel loves balls and I make an inappropriate comment about TV news.

Potentially inappropriate conversation snippets from lunch:

After getting a superball from a gumball machine, Laurel announced "I love balls!". I replied "I'm sure that will make some man very happy someday," to which she responded "I'll make that one happy!" and pointed at the man in line behind us. Props to him for either not hearing or acting like he didn't because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see.

Vogon, keeping an eye on the headline crawl on the big-screen TV behind me, mentioned when the Pantera/Damageplan shooting headline was up (I'd told him about it a few minutes earlier). I saw a plasticy-looking chick singing in the main story and remarked, "It's too bad they didn't shoot her." Got a few weird looks from the table between us and the TV, then Vogon told me she was from American Idol.

Purchase: Animusic 1 special edition DVD

While skimming back issues of Heroic Stories, I spotted an ad for Animusic and popped over to their website out of curiosity. Instant senory lust ensued and it struck me as a perfect holiday gift for Laurel.

If she likes it, I hope Animusic 2 (due out next year) is available in time for her birthday.