November 24th, 2004

Complete and Utter BULLSHIT

Return of the neighbors' craptastic bass, or Everybody flash your peeps and lift a cheap beer.

I wonder if the downstairs neighbor cranks their music up so loud because they're drunk or stoned. Their craptastic bass started during Sesame Street today, so I cranked the TV up for fifteen minutes in hopes of deterring them. No dice.

Now it's the "da-da dum-dum-dum" song again. I have no idea if it actually has words or who performs it, but I hate it almost as much as I hate door-to-door proselytizers on Christmas Eve.

If they pull the thumping music again tomorrow, I am calling the police. I've been a considerate neighbor long enough and there isn't a discount for putting up with behavior like theirs, so I think I'm quite justified. With the upcoming holiday weekend, I can look forward to this all night every night until Tuesday morning like they did Halloween weekend if I don't call.