November 8th, 2004


Still alive, stiff neck. Bah.

You know you're really sick when your better half comes in at lunch with a copy of Dawn of the Dead and instead of sitting in the study and enjoying it with them, you're sitting at the computer hoping to check your e-mail and read your LJ Friends view before their lunch break is over.

On top of the infection, I've developed a cold and my neck is stiff. The cat seems to be channeling my mother -- every so often, she looks at my face from a foot or two away, licks my hand, and nuzzles me before returning to licking herself or other mysteries of cat. Too bad she can't make tomato soup.
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    Laurel interacting with [TV] Between the Lions
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Recipe: Comforting Tomato Soup

The good news from my sick front is that Vogon is taking good care of me. He took care of Laurel all weekend so I could sleep as much as I could and has been very good about reminding me to stay well hydrated. He picked up a couple of cans of condensed tomato soup at lunchtime today, so I thought you might be interested in the horrible things I do to canned soup to make it my comfort food. If, like him, you believe that mixing dairy and tomato is a terrible thing, skip the rest of the post.

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For those of you that skipped the cut, the real content of this post is that I finally found the website for Bolner's Fiesta Products, makers of some of my favorite (and deliciously inepxensive) spice mixes and Vogon's favorite dried peppers. After my soup, this has been the most pleasing event of the day.