October 25th, 2004


Squishing my fear of telephones, cleaning while she naps, and another clever t-shirt source.

Today I squashed my fear of telephones and talked to toddler_hiway, who recently arrived in Vermont and happily talked to me while walking around, dodging traffic, and generally looking at things. (D'Evelyn people would probably share my opinion that he sounds a lot like Rojzik.) I need to introduce him to neatlynoted once I figure out how to properly introduce two people over LiveJournal.

Talking also gave me a good reason to make Laurel take a nap, so I now have the chance to do today's FlyLady mission and vacuum the living room while she's not underfoot. If she stays asleep long enough, I'll mop the kitchen too.

Piggybacking on the subject of clever t-shirts, I like the ones in the Signals catalog too. I'm tempted to get the Grinch "Troublemaker" shirt for Laurel to wear at Christmas. (;