October 24th, 2004


Finally, drug-free nausea relief! Or, better living through electricity.

Applying TENS to the P6 acupuncture point (also known as Neiguan or Nei Kuan) on Friday night worked like a dream -- after a few minutes' treatment, my nausea was GONE as if I had flipped a light switch. Turned the machine off after 10 minutes and it came back, but after another 20-30 minutes of TENS, my nausea was gone for the night and I just had a lingering headache from the sinus pressure. I've tried applying constant pressure either by hand or with a Sea-Band with some relief in the past, so it's off in search of an acustimulation wrist band.


The over-the-counter version of the ReliefBand (there's also a stronger prescription version) runs from $80 to $130 at most retailers, though I've found it for $75 at two places (AeroMedix and MyPilotStore.com) and on sale for $60 at Anglers Center.

Even $130 plus batteries, which run for approximately 150 hours, will come out cheaper over time than the phenergan or Dramamine I've used in the past and it seems like a pittance for freedom from the nausea that's plagued me as long as I've had chronic sinusitis.
Manga-style me

Nice weekend, between-fingers bugbite, carrot-haired old lady, and a tangent about children's tees.

After P6 acustimulation (see my previous post for details) to vanquish my bad-sinus-day nausea, we had a really good roll Friday night. My stomach was still feeling a little smooshy on Saturday, but we had that lovely lemon pesto we started on Thursday night and he made me tapioca simply because it's one of my comfort foods. I am such a lucky girl lately.

We cut back the herbs again on Saturday night (oregano and three of the basils -- can you tell we like basil?) and I got a bug bite between my right index and middle fingers. Calahist is keeping me from scratching my fingers off.

While on a brief grocery trip early this afternoon, Laurel was waving at and saying "hi" to people while we were in the produce section. An older lady with very orange hair (think Lucille Ball with Big Texas Hair) and Tammy Faye Bakker makeup said "Hi, darlin'" to her, then doubled back a few minutes later and asked if we went to First Baptist. For once, being raised by wolves Catholic helped me say something graceful ("Not yet, thank you") instead of potentially tactless. I'm still not sure whether she thought she knew Laurel or was trying to invite us. Either way, it was rather surreal that a lady with hair the color of carrots talked to us.

We're trying Chili Meatloaf & Potato Casserole tonight after Vogon saw it on the morning news. I'm a little wary, but I'm willing to try anything once.

A tangent about amusing children's clothing:

I am moderately amused by the toddler tees at Lowercase Tee, except that "I wouldn't vote for Bush if I were you" and "Mommy wants a new President" are not going to translate well as hand-me-downs.

If I'm going to buy pre-made tees for the kidlet, I'm either going to have to wait until she fits into the child's small (6-8) shirts from SCIENCE TeeCHER fit (thanks to toddler_hiway for the link) or spring now for a couple tees from Dookiewear, ThinkGeek, or Northern Sun. (The cute baby tees from T-Shirt Hell -- not for the easily offended, probably NSFW either -- only go up to a 3T. Bah.)

I think I'll continue inking my own one-offs for now because I'm cheap. (I ink plain white tees because boys' tagless undershirts are hella affordable and I can pick up more beaters for me in the same aisle.)