October 22nd, 2004


Sick rambles: not dressed to the shoes, Biko purring, Laurel funnies, Salon.com membership offer.

It occurs to me that I get way too punchy when I'm sick. I always thought I'd get punchy -- maybe even funny -- when I'm drinking, but I don't.

As proud as I am of my FlyLady babysteps, I have to admit I never made it out of a robe today. I went to bed after a couple rounds of nasal spray and nose-blowing with hardly any sinus pain but a headache in the frontal lobe and woke up with evil sinuses, a pounding headache and a stiff neck. I'm still trying to get my stomach to settle enough to pop a ketoprofen (pain reliever) and a 12-hour Sudafed, but I treated myself to a bowl of ice cream after the last round of puking. Vogon wants to try the TENS unit on my median nerve at P6 (an acupuncture point located on the wrist near where you take someone's pulse) since that's where over-the-counter acupressure bands sold for nausea relief work.

Biko has the most incredible purr. It's almost silent, so Vogon thought for the longest time that she simply didn't purr, but if you turn your ear towards her when you expect her to be purring, you can hear a very quiet purr, almost fluttery. She takes good care of me, too -- I've woken up to the kitty breathalyser a few times, though I'm snuggly with her anytime as long as I'm not sick and trying to sleep. She sits next to me when I'm puking and sometimes pats my legs with her tail, like a feline equivalent of holding my hair back. (I put it up when I'm sick anyway, so there's no actual need for that.) And now that I'm not puking but still feeling bad, she's been sitting on my lap and occasionally looking up at me like she's checking on how I am. When I got up to use the bathroom and empty Laurel's potty (she sat on hers when I went into the bathroom), Biko hopped up in front of my keyboard until I sat down, then she stepped down and made herself comfortable.

Laurel is a really funny kid sometimes. This morning I stayed in bed after she woke up (bad mommy, I know) and when I came out into the kitchen, she was standing on the kitchen stepstool getting into a bag of pretzels that were hers, just out of her reach. She had a triangular brown stain on her shirt (classic drool pattern *g*) that she said "I'm sorry! I did it on purpose!" when I asked her what it was, but I didn't identify it until a few hours later as cinnamon. While she was standing close enough for me to smell it, she said "I want to go to the airport!" I asked her why and she replied, "I want to sit on the chairs." She's currently running around like GIR with the decimated remains of a plastic lei that Vogon brought home with him. Now she's yelling along to a Sesame Street DVD which is, thankfully, only thirty minutes of the red demon.

Occasionally, there are things on Salon.com I actually want to read other than World O' Crap, which I'm temporarily not reading the LJ syndicated feed of because I'm sick of hearing about the election. Mostly Anne Lamott, because she's funny and snarky and a bit of a hypochondriac (like me, only she's witty about it). A quote lil_sass posted the other day reminded me of just how much I love her books and it makes me want to buy everyone copies of her books. Seriously, go read Bird By Bird and Operating Instructions. If you don't mind the religious theme, read Traveling Mercies too. Anyway, through November 2nd, Salon is running a 2 for 1 membership offer. I don't have a credit card at the moment but I have PayPal and would be willing to pay someone $17.50 (half the cost of a single membership) if they purchase a year of Salon Premium and hook me up with the gift membership.

Vogon came in early. As he came out of the shower, Laurel was singing along to the Oinker Sisters' "This Little Piggy" both out of sync and tune. Vogon said "Don't quit your day job," and she replied "Sorry!".