October 6th, 2004


Seeds and other food musings.

Somehow, epazote (Chenopodium ambrosioides L.) came up in discussion last night and I mentioned that I'd like to grow our own because it's not always easy to find and I do believe in its ability to reduce flatulence when I toss a sprig in with a pot of frijoles.

The first hit we got for buying seeds was Seeds of Change, who I like but they're awfully expensive. (I love love love their biodiversity poster collection. The fresco (fresh) and seco (dried) chile posters will someday adorn our kitchen.) Luckily Johnny's Selected Seeds carries them for a much better price, along with several other things Vogon was thrilled to find.

He was quite disappointed with the price of their purple garlic, so we asked saarlander to find a string of them in his local supermarket. It's one of the important ingredients in one of Vogon's signature sauces, so I'll have the chance to try said sauce after we acquire the proper garlic.

While we were IM'ing back and forth about the garlic, Vogon brought up how much he'd like some Feuer Senf (fire mustard), but I think we'll be hunting down a local German market since it'll be just as expensive locally as online due to the 100% tariff on German mustards. Meh.