September 20th, 2004


Weekend recap Genghis Grill, shopping, evil sinuses, hypoglycemic midget, snuggling, and RIP Spike.

Friday: I forgot to ask the nerdsprout if she could babysit and she spent the night with a friend, so we took Laurel with us on date night to dinner at Genghis Grill. She was totally uninterested and refused to eat, including spitting out food *sigh*, but I got to try Mongolian barbecue for the first time and they had red bean ice cream so I had a very tasty dessert.

We hit Wal-Mart afterward in search of timepieces (a clip watch for the nerdsprout and a new alarm clock for the master bedroom) and checked out with them plus a bunch of cheap DVDs (including two more Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss collections, whee), then hit Walgreen's for oral hygiene (Gly-Oxide and generic Orajel) and found a lovely deal on cheap toys, so Laurel got a bubble gun and a generic MagnaDoodle. She was so excited she ran down the bubble gun batteries on Saturday and we have to find the charger so she can go again. (:

Saturday: my sinuses double-teamed me and I don't remember much except Vogon bringing me meds (clemastine, ketoprofen and something in the morning, pseudoephedrine after lunch, then another ketoprofen to dull the pain enough to sit up without puking) and being very patient with massage and stretching because I store tension like mad when I'm sick. It wasn't quite on the caliber of the time we went straight home from running errands because I would have had the mother of all migraines without TENS to relax my back, but it was pretty unpleasant and ended with a late-night run for potassium (bananas and Morton Lite Salt, which contains potassium chloride).

Laurel was apparently picky at eating during the day, then woke up in the middle of the night and puked. Combined with her behavior issues leading into the puking episode, we're fairly sure she might be hypoglycemic . That's the kicker I need to get her in for her annual checkup; I'd been putting it off until we got health insurance. Until then, I'm looking at adding a GTF chromium supplement to her diet and keeping a close eye on keeping her blood sugar level during the day.

Sunday: we all slept in and were quite snuggly with the combination of my blue birthday blanket and the purple blanket that lives in the study. We went out for a late lunch at Salsa Pollo and Vogon was in people-watching heaven -- he didn't realize that it would be packed on a Sunday afternoon and there were so many babies and kids in there Laurel was happy too. (:

Spike, our blue prawn, died sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning. It was probably of natural causes (he was an adult when we got him in April) but Laurel isn't really grasping that he's dead and every time she passes the freshwater tank in the bedroom, she says something to the effect of "the crabbies are picking on Spike! They're giving him owies!" Incidentally, he's no longer blue since he kicked the bucket, he's turned orangey like cooked lobster with dark blue around the edges (which were also dark blue in life; all the lighter blue bits turned orange). I never really liked lobster anyway.