August 25th, 2004


Ristra down again, bathrobe tie = toy, FLYing in the kitchen and Spider-Man reviews crayons.

After making new hanging loops for the shorter ristra twice in the past week, I've nailed the problem down to the string it's been strung on. Both loops looked intact when I've found the ristra down and sure enough, I checked all the knots today and they were fine, but hanging string had obviously broken about an inch below the knot. I haven't decided whether to restring it, so it's sitting on one of the patio chairs to get decent air circulation until I decide what to do with it.

Laurel keeps taking the tie off the bathrobes for playing with, either by rolling them up into "lollipops" or laying them out on the floor and driving cars or train cars on them. I think I'll cut and serge the edges of a couple fabric strips for her to use that way. I don't like grabbing a bathrobe after a shower and having no tie!

This week's FLYlady zone is the master bedroom, which I'm not really feeling up to doing anything in -- most of the stuff in there is Vogon's and I don't feel comfortable moving it around, decluttering, etc. so I think I'll just tidy up Laurel's and my stuff (read: fold laundry, deal with papers/patterns I have in there) and maybe wrap some of the fabric in there onto bolts so they can go onto the shelves in the master closet, then go back to chipping away at the kitchen. I've fallen in love with the Clorox Bleach Pen while working on the kitchen -- a few applications took the grout between the counter and backsplash behind the sink from looking awful to being almost unnoticeable.

Just for snicks and giggles: Spider-Man Reviews Crayons!. Think Brunching Shuttlecocks' ratings with photos of an action figure holding crayons. Yeah.

Vogon's balsamic udon, or love the burn.

If I wake up in the morning with no mouth, blame it on vogonpoet's balsamic udon. Those of you that can see the recipe might think there's nothing hot about it, but his transcription is missing two important ingredients: miso and Dave's Insanity Sauce. Yes, you read that right: I'm eating perfectly good udon with HOT SAUCE. I'm sure I'm going to hell for many other reasons, so this is just a tasty -- and picoso -- footnote.