August 17th, 2004

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New bottle of SinoFresh and UPS packages from hither and yon (my folks and

I finished my bottle of SinoFresh this morning and boy, was the difference noticeable -- I was feeling a little clogged by lunchtime and felt my sense of smell diminish while we were out. We picked up more on the way home and a few minutes after a spray on each side, I can smell the peppers in the study, the crock pot in the kitchen and even a bit of the chalk Laurel's coloring with on the patio. I am a believer in the stuff!

Speaking of stuff, a package from my folks arrived today so my DivaCup and I have been happily reunited! Also in the package: clothing of Laurel's that got left at my parents', a bag of assorted silk embroidery floss (auntiesiannan, are you familiar with a brand called Cifonda?), a bottle of vitamin B complex I left on the table, my makeup bag and a gift from my late maternal grandmother. I expect to hear REM's "The Great Beyond" every time I look at it.

Afterward, Laurel and I went down to the complex office to see if a order Vogon was expecting had arrived and we walked back with a large but lightweight box. I'll post pictures of what we'll do with what he ordered later, but I assure you that it's amusing.

According to Vogon, Biko has imprinted on me and will shortly be my shadow to the point of irritation. I don't mind this since I love that kitty to pieces, but so far today she's slept in the master closet all day and didn't even come out to greet him when he came in at lunch.

Tonight we are stringing peppers (our local Albertson's has 50-lb. bags of Hatch chili peppers right now, oh happy day) and watching the season finale of Summerland.