July 14th, 2004

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Miscellaneous grumping: sleep deprived, Laurel irritating, noisy upstairs neighbors. Bah.

Getting no quality sleep and less than four hours of sleep total is bad for my mood. Trying to be social on top of it didn't help. Vogon, feel free to apologize to everyone for me missing 90% of what went on at lunch.

Laurel apparently didn't sleep well either, but at this point I just want her to quit whining because I can only stand the Bob the Builder DVD twice today (it goes back to Blockbuster on Friday). She refuses to play outside like she usually does after lunch and I really want a few minutes without constant noise to sew.

I want to dump a truckload of clue-by-fours on the upstairs neighbors until they learn to not sound like they're keeping a herd of elephants, except that I'd happily trade her for elephants. It sounds like they have a dozen kids crammed into their 3-bedroom apartment and the noise is constant from 0600-2300 with intermittent periods of screeching, loud off-key singing, and Olympic trials in dropping things (we're below them), running down the breezeways on every floor yelling, and sounding like the people on reruns of Cops. I hope they move out before they wind up on the show.

When it's too late (and hot) for the water table, apply chalk.

Laurel usually plays out on the patio shortly after lunch (between 1230 and 1500) because we get direct sun on the patio in the late afternoon. She wasn't feeling up to it today and was so fussy a nap was in order. 90 minutes of sleep later and she's cheery, sweet and busy again -- three pieces of colored chalk and the still-shady part of the patio I washed down during her nap makes for a very happy little burrito. I'm on my way back out to take photos.

If only it weren't so hot... but I'll take any excuse to shower twice on a hot day. (: