June 22nd, 2004

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I love all kinds of lilies! and other plant rambling.

How did I spend so long here without knowing there was a Lilly Pulitzer Premier Signature store so close? *swoons* I was thrilled by the thought of seeing Limeade again when we're in Colorado later this summer, but with a store so close to here... I feel compelled to go browse Goodnight Moon in the not-too-distant future.

And now you know my secret girlie weakness: I love all things Lilly. It's second only to my love of Claire McCardell, but Lilly things are much more accessible on my budget.


We get the paper on Fridays and I usually make it last a few days by poring over the ads in search of typos or unintentional humor. I usually pause and drool over the Calloway's Nursery ad, especially lately because I'd like something flowering to attract hummingbirds to the blown-glass feeders Vogon hung over the hanging pots. My latest reason to plan a trip there one of these days: daylilies. This time I'm picking the color since last year's surprise lilies weren't quite my cup of tea; they were supposed to be pink, but turned out a dramatic two-tone deep orchid and pale yellow.

In other plant news, the feared death of the herbs in the full-sun hanging pot was premature. The basil is leggy but should bush out since I trimmed the tops last week, the red basil is sending up _another_ flower head I need to trim off (if it flowers, it'll go to seed and I want it to keep producing good foliage all season), and the sage looks like it's coming back from a bad place. (:

The Thai pepper has one fruit and several blossoms and the Mexican (key) lime's sole fruit is now the size of a shooter marble. I am very pleased it's done so well, though I have to make sure Laurel lets it grow undisturbed.