June 16th, 2004


We're smack between two libraries, but I miss the closeness of my old one.

I finally kicked my butt into finding the nearest library. Dallas' Renner Frankford branch is just over three and a half miles away and Carrollton's Josey Ranch Lake branch is four miles away in the opposite direction.

It's interesting to live so far from a library now that I'm in such a densely populated area. My parents' house is barely a mile from the Evergreen library.

Is every four-letter word a term of endearment now?

I always thought Betsy Hoffman was a stupid c*nt, but now that she's on the record as having heard it as a term of endearment I need a new way to describe her.

Thanks to mountain_hiker for the link: Hoffman says she's heard slur used as "term of endearment," Owens meets with women's groups

(Before you ask, I have nothing productive to say about the CU football scandal. They reap what they've sown.)