June 1st, 2004


Cleaning, bubble-wrap superhero, and TMBG's coming to Dallas. w00t!

Now that Vogon's nerdsprout has left for the summer, I felt particularly brave and thought it'd be a good idea to tackle her bathroom since it has a door to the main living area. Holy frijoles, I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew. In the spirit of going blindly where no sane geek would go, I'm going to make it presentable. (Stop laughing, I can hear you.)

Laurel has added to the general hubbub by periodically wrapping a piece of bubble wrap across her shoulders and running around yelling "I'm Super Grover!" or "I'm a SUPER HERO!". The cat jumps every time she pops another bubble, but she's safely camoflauged in the nerdsprout's bedroom (an off-limits area for Laurel).

And the best news of all? TMBG's going to be here in mid-July. I am so effing excited I only wish karaksindru was here so I could take him in thanks for taking me to see Henry Rollins. But hey, I'll give a full report and make my best Linnell fangirl faces just for you. (: