March 2nd, 2004

Manga-style me

Rambling about Laurel behaving well out, computer and digital camera use.

February photos will go online later today; they're ready now but need captions and a quick once-over before I upload them.

Laurel was surprisingly well-behaved today, or maybe I just thought so because I'm in a better mood after getting some. *ahem*

She dressed herself except for her shoes after I told her we were going out today, although she was disappointed we didn't go to the library. (She has books due next week, but we have to find where in the living room she hid Once Upon a Potty so we can return them all at once.)

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We've been limiting her computer time because she's gotten very pushy about what games to play and when. To keep her from loading them herself (she knows how to insert a CD-ROM into the appropriate drive), we turn off Himself's computer when he's not using it. She informed us today it needed new batteries so it could turn on. (:

On a battery note, she keeps taking the rubber band off the digital camera she's allowed to use (the battery door doesn't stay on) but she's starting to take pictures where you can actually tell what she was trying to photograph. If anyone can recommend a sub-$75 digital camera that'll shoot without having to be focused first (the HP photosmart 315 requires the shutter button to be depressed halfway to focus before it'll capture an image by fully depressing the button), I'd appreciate it. I'm thinking about getting Laurel her own little camera to play with. Otherwise she'll keep the 315 and I'll buy my parents a newer camera after we get our tax refund.

February 2004 photos up.

February 2004 photos are up, despite my ISP disconnecting on me twice while uploading. Foul thoughts to broadband providers for only offering it north of the lake.

Re the mood of this post: my right maxillary sinus is attempting to escape my head. Whee. If it doesn't resolve itself in the next few hours, I'm going to take a dramamine to cut the nausea enough to Get Things Done. I have TODCRA's site to ready for an onslaught of new content. Movable Type is my bitch.