January 21st, 2004

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Back, brief public update.

My time offline since the LAN party was unintentional. We were too tired to unpack after getting home, then it was effing cold (3" snow on Tuesday) and today we put in a decent effort on sorting clutter we'd let build up. I'm very glad to be back. (:

Today's good news: revme's package arrived. In addition to the promo-not-for-sale R.E.M. album, which is THE AWESOME and you should stop by to listen to it, the package included a Flaming Lips album, the TODCRA radio show album, and lots of miscellaneous promotional ephemera, including obnoxious Mexican rap posters. *nods happily*

Right now I'm choking my connection on a 900kb forward someone sent me. Bah. I guess it's time to return to MailWasher to catch things like that before checking my mail.

And in yet more good news:
- I have inflicted Gigantic on fulvius, who *should* return it to karaksindru for what's shaping up to be a Valentine's Day movie marathon.
- Himself has committed to job-hunting. I am so happy about this it's not funny.
- Laurel now consistently answers "what's your name?" and "how old are you?" correctly. She's also started to associate me putting my hair up with leaving the house; when I put my hair in a ponytail this afternoon, she announced she wanted to go to McDonald's, found and put on a tote bag she calls her purse, and put on socks and shoes.
- Today is Gella's birthday. Most of you don't know her and I don't know if she reads this, but just in case Himself forgot when he talked to you today, happy birthday! We shall go geocaching when you're up for it. (: