January 17th, 2004


Questions from the JoJo.

1. If you had to make the decision, what would you want Laurel to be when she grows up? Satisfied, possibly a smartass. If you mean for a career, lingerie fitter would be fitting. *wry grin*

2. Chili: Beans or no beans? Beans. Pinto. Pre-cooked, not canned.

3. Planning on having any more kids? No. We've been trying to get either of us fixed since before we got pregnant; he's getting snipped this spring.

4. How did you and Himself meet? We were the only non-freshmen in non-western civilization in the fall of my junior year at D'Evelyn. (I had to take it for the geography credit as a transfer, he can't remember why he was in there.) We questioned the poor rookie teacher so incessantly that when my counselor fux0red up my schedule the next year and put me in the class again, when he got to my name on the class roster he said, "God, what have I done to deserve this?".

5. Do you plan on spending the rest of your days on Colorado, or move around every so often? I'd be happy moving -- it's what I'm used to -- but Himself is pretty stuck on not leaving since we successfully escaped the South.
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