January 12th, 2004

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Good news (mostly Laurel-related) and bad (EHS student death).

Good news:
- Laurel made her first poop in the potty. I am very proud of her; she's watching a video starring that red lintball as reward.
- We discovered an effective comforting technique for Laurel -- stroking her cheeks with the end of one of my braids. It's tempting to keep my hair longer for that, but I think keeping my wash brush that she's fond of around will work as well.
- I got the February issue of Parenting in the mail to rocknashy today with a little Valentine's surprise in the envelope with it.

And of course, the bad news. Collin Fisher, a junior at EHS, died tonight in an MVA at 74 and Lewis Ridge; he was broadsided by a car traveling on the wrong side of the highway as he was swerving to avoid them. I am upset about this for a number of reasons but will save them for a post after things have calmed down.