January 3rd, 2004

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Media diet: ellipsis-ever-bang albums, apocalyptic TV shows, bad captioning, and Adult Swim video pr

I am highly amused by the ellipsis-ever-bang albums (The Most Relaxing Classical Album in the World...ever!, et al) advertised on late-night TV.

I thought of whoacaro's post about Discovery going soft and rarely showing apocalyptic/disaster shows anymore when I was drifting off during History's Thursday night programming and caught The Bible Code: Predicting Armageddon. After digesting all that kosher amusement, Himself and I agreed that the world will end on a Wednesday.

I like to mock the company that captions the local newscasts I watch because they occasionally have really amusing captioners. While watching the early morning news today, I realized they weren't live captioning but using the rundown (what's shown on the teleprompter) when I saw "[weather tease]" just before they cut to an uncaptioned weather segment. I didn't start laughing until that they ran the caption/rundown amalgam too fast for pre-recorded network pieces and I caught "I'm Heather Snively, hijacked," in the middle of a piece on airport security. *snerk*

I'm moderately irritated with Adult Swim getting munged by either Cartoon Network or Comcast this week. So far I've caught three incidences (two during Futurama, gah) of the video freezing for 10-30 minutes while the audio continues on normally. Last night had the added bonus of breaking the still screen for Comcast ads.

NBC Nightly News ran a story on the use of OTC cold medicine ingredient dextromethorphan to get high. It explained a lot about someone I used to know.
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I hate squirrels, and not just the Southern Girls' Drunk Tank mascot.

1105_04robertbbgunI forgot to blog earlier this week that we have succeeded in killing grey squirrels with a BB gun. This makes me very, very happy on a number of levels. When we have beaten them back enough to have native Abert's squirrels nesting in the yard again, I will take a metric buttload of photos because I love their ear tufts.

I'm pretty sure it would have pissed off the neighbors if I'd used the shotgun, although the satisfaction of dropping them off a branch is hard to beat. Crackling balls and my slingshot were never a consideration because of the fire danger, which was a bit of a shame because I am a Damn Good Shot after all the practice I had in North Carolina.

I only wonder what the trash people are going to think once they realize that each dead squirrel is individually bagged and (by default thanks to the weather) frozen.