December 19th, 2003


Bets are off on the second DD-214 and last minute party notes.

Bets are off on when Himself's second request for a DD-214 would arrive -- it came in today. There's something perversely amusing that when requested in Hell North Carolina it took four months, but when requested from Colorado it took three weeks including the request being forwarded from St. Louis (National Personnel Records Center) to Texas (Air Force Personnel Center).

Thanks to that fun with paperwork Himself won't be able to start at UCD in January. He'll transfer in for summer or fall 2004 and do spring semester at Red Rocks, which we can (mostly) afford despite the delay in getting his GI Bill benefits.


Final notes re Karak's party before we break down Naess and Capra to travel:
- Frigits didn't arrive, so we're bringing the Airzooka.
- Cake will be chocolate cupcakes, frosted with a special message in binary because I am uber-l33t. Or something.
- I may wear a dress just to scare you guys. Of course, I'll come with jeans and a sweater because it will upset my reproductive system to wear girly clothing for more than a few hours. (All this time we just thought my muse was drunken and angry. Well, my ovaries are worse. It's like having a straight chick trapped inside me.)
- Himself will be bringing our PS2 because he likes being beaten by Grk. Also, he says GTA livens up any party. *chuckles*

Side note: Our computers are Abbey, Berlin, Capra, and Naess. Props if you correctly guess which two go with each of us.