December 5th, 2003

Noo ne noo ne noo...

Admin: e-mail change

Since our $10/month deal with Earthlink ended, we decided it's not worth keeping since the rest of the house computers connect through AT&T Worldnet. (We would have gone with Worldnet when we were looking for an ISP earlier this year, but they didn't have a local dialup number in Goldsboro.)

My Earthlink e-mail address will be deactivated sometime this weekend, so update your address books accordingly. My default forwarding addresses are my domain vanity one, melissa at oddharmonic dot org, and my LJ one, oddharmonic at livejournal dot com.

/end PSA

If you're wondering why I haven't been on most of the week, it's been a combination of flaky modem and being more under the weather than usual. I'll replace the former sometime soon (karaksindru, want to go to Micro Center with us?) and the worst of the latter's on the mend (I bruised some soft tissue in my ankle).