November 22nd, 2003


Friday Five (late).

1. List five things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year.
- Finish at least one more piece of needlework.
- Find (unpack) the finished pieces I haven't photographed.
- Finalize plans, acquire materials, and build the wall unit I'd like to span the narrower width of our room to hold the computers and provide more storage.
- Make firm plans to refinish/repair the furniture that's been waiting for me (two cane chairs, four rush chairs, a dresser and two treadle sewing machines.)
- Get either a full-time job with health benefits or a part-time job that I could work around part-time classwork. (This may be closer than I've been hoping since there's a library position opening up soon at the middle school.)

2. List five people you've lost contact with that you'd like to hear from again.
- D'Evelyn classmates from my grad class that I haven't tracked down yet. (This sounds noble, but it's really because I'm my grad class liason.)
- Aaron Black.
- Brendan McGillicuddy from Oxford Academy. (I'm more interested in introducting him to Himself because I think they could have a more satisfying math conversation than Himself tries to have with me.)

I couldn't think of anyone else. A few of my friends joke that I'm the glue that keeps people in contact with each other, but I really just have information pack-rat tendencies so if I can't find someone they usually manage to find me.

3. List five things you'd like to learn how to do.
- Tatting.
- Advanced seamstress/costuming skills.
- Cook like vogonpoet.
- Install wood/laminate flooring.
- Be more photogenic (this is for you, littletits readers).

4. List five things you'd do if you won the lottery (no limit).
- Pay off relatives' mortgages (parents, sister, abuela) and make the relatives freeloading off my abuela either pull their weight or move out.
- Throw money at the medical industry until my chronic pain stops.
- Set up a college/whatever she wants to do after she turns 18 or 21 fund for Laurel and pad it out.
- Buy the house across the street from my parents' for us and furnish it.
- Establish a scholarship fund/endowment for promising students that would otherwise fall through the cracks for financial aid through no fault of their own.

5. List five things you do that help you relax.
- Needlework.
- Masturbate.
- Read something eye-candy heavy (Architectural Digest, Threads, King Arthur Flour Baker's Catalogue).
- Go trail-running/snowshoeing, depending on the season.
- Take my shoes off in the off event I'm wearing any.
Staple this to your FACE

Media diet: pointless Amazon reviews and Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials books.

Some days I want to cull the best of the "didn't read the copy and/or morally offensive!!!" reviews from so they can be read without having to sift for the gems. In the roughly one thousand reviews of Phillip Pullman's The Golden Compass, the first book of the His Dark Materials trilogy, there's about a dozen hysterical reviews where people piss and moan that Pullman simply must be an atheist because the church is corrupted by power in the books' universe, that he "rewrites" Bible passages (part of the series' mythology is an Adam-and-Eve-like storyline involving two adolescent characters and the temptation is not explicitly evil), and it's pagan because there are witches and daemons in it! TEH EVIL! *makes warding hand motions*

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The best of all the negative His Dark Materials-related reviews came from Lyra's Oxford, which I hope to acquire in the next few months because I'll happily take the "crumbs" of the short story as an after-dinner mint to the trilogy and the possible next big book following Lyra. For the best entertainment value, I'm dissecting it line-by-line.

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Recap: Morally Offended negative reviewers are hella funny, I'd like copies of The Satanic Bible and the Necronomicon to keep my copy of the trilogy company, and Lyra's Oxford is shaping up to be a real treat when I get my hands on it. (Himself just volunteered that we already have a copy of the Necronomicon. I guess that means I can use the Book of Mormon to keep the other side of the trilogy warm. Heh.)
Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

It's snowing!

I was v. cranky when I got up this morning to see no snow on the ground, but it's kicked in and it should be sticking by noon.

Brace yourself for the hordes of photos to come. I've missed snow season.

How could I have missed J-List for so long?

How did I never hear about J-List until I spotted their "Looking for a Japanese girlfriend" tee in an article linked to in a post to alphabet_soup?

So far I've found four t-shirts Himself would like (mostly on closeout, yay for cheap shirts) and every time I read a description of something Domo-kun from the Wacky Things category he automatically says "no". Crapper.

I think the Joy of Sushi 2004 calendar should definitely show up in his stocking this year. *evil grin*