November 21st, 2003

Manga-style me

Another round of amusing exchanges.

To balance out the negativity of my previous post, I've been saving some of our more amusing conversation bits.

After seeing an ad for Madonna's upcoming appearance on The Tonight Show...
Me: Holy crap, what's wrong with her hair?
Himself: Angry curlers attacked her, foaming product at the mouth.

I pitched designing and installing a wall unit across the shorter length of wall in our room to hold the computers and some storage (art supplies, books, etc.). He listened, then helpfully offered: "I'll give your sketches a sanity check. Could I use the wire-grid shelves to hold my computer?"

This week's new episode of South Park really caught him off-guard since he doesn't get all the local jokes (he grew up closer in to Denver).
Himself: So there's a lot of Mormons up here?
Me: I guess. They have a building down towards Marshdale.
Himself: Holy shit! There's definitely a lot, then.
Me: Actually, I only knew one Mormon when I went to Evergreen.
Himself: Really?
Me: Yeah. She got caught in intimate moments with her boyfriend a few times. I knew a lot more Mormons at D'Evelyn, though.
Himself: Well, you'd expect that. They're attracted to meritocracy.
Me: I just thought it was because there were so many D-- kids.

One of my favorite things to do after picking groceries up at Safeway is riding the cart out to the car because the parking lot has a pretty good pitch and their carts have a bar at the right height for riding. I didn't realize the half-drunk guy that checked out ahead of us was still in the parking lot, and as I hopped off the cart to unload, he pulled up next to us and yelled "Go, Speed Racer!" He then sat there with his lights on our car while we unloaded (there wasn't a light near us, but it's not a big deal up here) and as he got into the car, Himself asked, "Do you think he did that so he could look at your ass?"

Photo: Laurel's finished needlework stocking.

As an addendum to the post I made in March showing off the finished stitching on the Winnie-the-Pooh needlework stocking I did for Laurel, I finally finished the stocking proper. The kit came with red felt for the back and suggested making a hanging loop by twisting floss into a cord, but I don't do anything halfway -- the finished piece is fully lined with an allover Pooh holiday print and the back and loop are red velveteen.

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