October 21st, 2003

Complete and Utter BULLSHIT

[repeats] I am not a bundle of rage, I am not a bundle of rage...

Last month, my older sister was supervising a group of students working on a Homecoming parade float after school at a student's home when some anonymous loser threw a brick through her driver's window and swiped her purse. When she called Denver police, they told her she could come in and file a report the next day or she could file online. She went in ASAP to file and notified the necessary places that her purse had been stolen and she didn't want to be held liable for any transactions she didn't make.

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The more I have to deal with people, the more I understand why Himself thinks we should stay the hell away from them. I have to give up all sorts of personal information to write a $20 check for pizza delivery, but if I smash and grab somebody's purse in Denver, I can go on a shopping spree at Target and not get so much as a passing glance when I check out.

If I find out who did it, there might be pictures.

Rhapsodizing over Brown Cow yogurt.

Aside from sharing the love with various ExpatZulus and other LJers (which of you introduced me to it, anyway?), the best thing about Brown Cow yogurt is that it comes from Antioch, just like rainingvodka.

The next best thing is that the midget loves it just as much as I do and I'm eating the last container of blueberry whole milk right now so she can have the last strawberry one when she wakes up.
Complete and Utter BULLSHIT

Update on one of Amy's stolen checks.

Target's apparently more on top of things than 7-11 about checks, though it's likely because the anonymous loser that swiped Amy's purse spent a lot more there.

They called her today to say they do have surveillance video from when someone wrote out that $500 check form her frozen account. They won't release it to her but will to the detective on her case (we have to use the legal system, so maybe the Denver police will shoot them for us), who told us the video shows a Hispanic couple (duh, a white person using checks with GUTIERREZ on them might get asked for ID) purchasing a television and paying with a check after both of her credit cards were denied.

I am so itching to leave a newstip to the local competent news station to see if they'll bite on how miserably stores in Denver check for ID. Besides, it'd be funny as hell since last week I had to show two forms of ID at Target to buy $40 of clearance clothes for Himself and the midget, but a couple buying a $500 TV doesn't have to show any even with two denied credit cards.