October 15th, 2003


Purchase: $40 of wardrobe staples and a little splurge, thanks to clearance racks.

One of the great things about waiting for end-of-season clearance to stock up on wardrobe staples is getting three pairs of men's shorts for $15. Now I just have to evaluate how many of Himself's old pairs are salvagable and which get parted out for buttons, zippers and 'craps. (For those of you who don't know us in real life, he wears shorts and sandals year-round.)

It's a shame little girls' jeans now only seem to come in bell-bottoms (I know they're called flares, but I think they're ugly) or covered in excessive amounts of trim. Luckily little boys' jeans are just as sturdy and no-frills as when I wore them (read: until two years ago), so Laurel has carpenter jeans with lots of pockets and a cute clearance Winnie-the-Pooh jumper you'll see in this year's family picture.

Also scored a boxed set of greeting cards of Cappiello prints. After I frame four to go in our bedroom, if anyone would like me to mail them one, drop me an e-mail.

Next time I go to Colorado Mills, I'll take a photo of the ugly loveseat in the Neiman Marcus Last Call window for everyone's amusement -- it looks like one of those olive-green moldering couches popular in the 1970s with bun feet and a hideous floral print covering the back and accent pillows.

edit 27 Oct: I took a picture of the loveseat and Collapse )

You Had To Be There: "oh crap!"

The little burrito slept a lot during the day so she's up now (she normally goes down for the night between 2000 and 2130). While she was quietly playing with a smaller-kid-oriented version of a Polly Pocket playset, I asked her to move so I could go open the door and go to the bathroom. She sent me off with a cheery "Bye pee!".

A few minutes later when I returned, I knocked on the door before opening it so I wouldn't bump her if she was next to it. As I opened the door, I heard a quiet but very distinct "Oh, crap!". It turned out she was playing on the exposed square of unfinished wood floor in front of the door.