September 17th, 2003


I guess I should cross my fingers now.

Himself was pushed back once again as the landlord wanted another coat of Kilz in Laurel's room and the hallway. He thankfully didn't make a stink about the cigarette burns and iron prints in the living room being more obvious after Himself cleaned the carpets, but he did acknowledge we didn't make them (former housemate Sergio did). He'll be getting out with the storm at his heels, which I'm not happy about, but hopefully my familia's 'minor force of nature' luck has rubbed off on him and he'll make it with minimal fuss. If not, he's got GI term life insurance coverage for a few more weeks. (I know that's macabre, but after he gets here I plan on sitting down with mountain_hiker and weighing our insurance options since I'm not comfortable with neither of us having life insurance.)

Incidentally, landlord would neither confirm nor deny the stories the neighbors told us about the house losing its roof in the late 1990s. I would assume that was a result of Hurricane Floyd, but I variously hear it was a tornado, then a hurricane, so I'm not sure.

After he gets here I'm thinking about sending a appreciative gift to the landlord for giving us a break on the last month's rent, something similar to the next door neighbor who was the only dog owner in the neighborhood who kept them in their own yard (she also was really nice to Laurel), and definitely sending an gift card to Jake to thank him for helping Himself pack and load as his schedule permitted. I usually patronize Harry and David, but if anyone has a better suggestion for modest but nice thank you gifts I'm all ears.

Did a reasonable draft of the Cougar Pride flyer and hope it passes to final draft since I'm almost out of free PDF conversions. I don't want to buy a month's subscription when my soon-to-be-here box has Acrobat on it.

Laurel's belated 3-year well baby checkup is in the morning so I ought to try and sleep some more. Between having the bed to myself tonight and my swank pillow (thanks again, sweetie) I'm at least guaranteed to have it quiet aside from any elk bugling close to the house again. *wry grin* One scared the crap out of me last night; it was so loud I thought someone had left the patio door open.

I'm hoping all of you expecting weather from Hurricane Isabel stay safe, warm and dry. After it's passed I'll dig my chunk of tree from Hurricane Gloria (1985, we lived in Mass then) out of the closet and photograph it so ou can see my one hurricane souvenir.