September 14th, 2003

Manga-style me

Administrative notes, link to photos, and errata.

I have pared back my friends list recently, primarily to read the things that interest me most. In case anyone feels personally slighted, I'm offering an explanation.

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Until further notice, all anonymous comments will be automatically screened.

Individual event photos have been posted for mountain_hiker' birthday party (link) and Saturday's LARP with Andy GMing (link). Any other photos taken at the party (and ID of the ladies in the first photo) and anyone that LARPed that could help me caption the photos with what's going on in them would be greatly appreciated. I prefer e-mail for both but will deal with it if you comment to this post instead.

A few stray notes:
- Cake pans will go up on eBay sometime this week as I haven't gotten the photos finished.
- Saw a one-antlered young bull elk today, but haven't looked at the unloaded photos yet. Hopefully at least one shot will be good enough to share.
- Knights of Columbus remind me a lot of Masons, but I don't think they have a secret handshake. They did look at us funny at the pancake breakfast today, but it was probably just their Satan Sense tingling since I'm not Catholic.
- Our 2001 (last year) tax refund finally arrived, check instead of direct deposit because the IRS had to adjust it after we got more child tax credit than I calculated, and truncated my last name. Will have to see if the bank will let me deposit it before Himself arrives later this week or if I have to wait until he's here to co-endorse it since his name's not shortened on it. Too bad, since "Craw" would have been funnier than "Gutie" (I use both last names, no hyphen).