August 12th, 2003


Crankiness about bleeding, moving prep and early phone calls.

My PA lied about the Pill stopping my bleeding. I've only _not_ bled two of the past ten days, which makes bleeding every other week before she decided birth control pills would make me better look downright pleasant. Just over ten days until I can make an appointment with a real doctor, at which point I'll probably have been bleeding continuously for two weeks. Whee.

Himself gave me a new pair of ear defenders for my birthday but they're in the car. Hopefully he'll get a dinner break tonight so then I can have a few hours without having to hear full-volume tantruming because I'm trying to clean/pack more than I'm playing with her right now.

I've come to the conclusion that the best way to get things packed since Himself is not helping (and it's partly his fault we're not doing a partial TMO) is to throw away everything I can't come up with a reason to keep or someplace/one to sell, donate or recycle it. sage_and_sea, I'll get the list of toys typed up sometime this week since I have to wait until midget's napping to go through them.

I'm going to start turning the phone ringer off until noon because waiting up for Himself to get home (he was supposed to get home at a reasonable this week) means I'm up until 0400, when I fall asleep regardless of whether he's gotten home. I know we're _supposed_ to have the phone available when he's home, but when the phone rings before noon here it's either a telemarketer (usually dead noise when I pick up), the base clinic accidentally dialing me, or in today's case, kenwestervelt. He got promoted, leave congratulatory comments in his journal.

And to close with more good news, the Pizza in Paradise numbers from our Papa John's order a few weeks ago turned out to be good for a free order of chicken strips and a free order of breadsticks, so we'll be trying those chickenstrips with tonight's order. After dinner I'll set something up in the slow cooker so I'm not trying to figure out what to thaw at 3 PM for tomorrow's dinner. I should plan the next several days' menu so I don't pack anything I need when I'm working on the kitchen.
Women's health at SJAFB - Summer 2003

Another fun side effect: Migraines.

Another migraine and I've finished the trial-size container of Excedrin Migraine so I'm back to having nothing that really helps.

If I can't get a scrip tomorrow for something that will beat it down enough for me to be functional without having to do the 2 hours-plus circuit of sick call and pharmacy bingo, I want it in writing that Ortho Tri-Cyclen has been worse for me than anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

It's ridiculous that I've actually gotten worse since going on it. I'm turning the monitor off for the night to cut down the light in the house.