August 10th, 2003

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Garlicky meat, notes from my Media Diet, and pictures from yesterday.

Catering to my massive garlic craving today, we went to Brooklyn Pizzeria solely for a double order of garlic knots. Laurel didn't love them as much as I did and drowned hers in marinara sauce. For a late dinner, he made the most garlicky steak imaginable, which is so luscious I could barely contain myself while eating.

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Had a very enjoyable visit yesterday with oxymoron02 and her kids yesterday; photos from the swimming portion are up. Himself was especially tickled at the conversation and later joked that if all we had to do was drive an hour and a half for it, we should have done it more often while we were here. I just think finding people on our wavelength was highly unlikely in such a small town.

Last but not least, a happy belated birthday to tinder (my evil twin), caffeinediary (my favorite folkie), digitalusrex (more evil than Nick, and she has a great derriere to boot), and greenisgood (a friend of a friend). May our 23rd year live up to all the excitement of being a prime number and have much good music.