August 1st, 2003


Note to self: don't go out on tax-free weekend.

Seriously. Since Himself did not get off work early Thursday night (for the parade at 0700 Friday, which he therefore got out of attending) we planned to go do grocery shopping this morning. That didn't happen, so instead he took Laurel out looking for parts to fix her VCR while I rounded up the videos she'd scattered, degooped a few she'd gotten into, and sorted them into two plastic sweater boxes to keep her from easily getting into them again. She is now happily set up with being able to watch videos in her room once more and I don't have to listen to the obnoxious red bathmat in the living room when I could have NPR on.

Five minutes after I finished talking to Mom and fifteen minutes after Himself left for work, his supervisor called to say he didn't need to come in. This was nice to hear, although it took him twice as long as normal traffic to get home because people don't know how to drive (hint: don't merge in front of a truck unless you have sufficient space).

Since it's close to my birthday, we decided to splurge on dinner at Hikari's before grocery shopping. One of their new servers accidentally got Himself's drink in my lap (he was leaning over a bit too far), but aside from that we had a great time -- Laurel watched the sushi chef, I tried a new dish, we had red bean ice cream (yum) and I got Laurel's favorite hostess to pose for a picture with her. (:

Why will I never go out again on tax-free weekend? Because all the people who I'm pretty sure are vegetables the rest of the year come out of the woodwork. Collapse )