July 31st, 2003

Women's health at SJAFB - Summer 2003

I want to give up on military healthcare, or at least this clinic.

So after being called three times to reschedule around things that shouldn't be my problem (a parade on the road outside the main gate at 0700 on a day I had an afternoon appointment, my PCM wanting to take leave on the day I had rescheduled to, etc.) I finally got seen.

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I wish life was like the GTA games so I could blow things up and run people over instead of having this simmering resentment at the fact that I am bleeding every other week, am in miserable pain and they're "fixing" it by making me a hormonal raging bitch with birth control pills. I want to see a real doctor. I also need to buy a DivaCup or a Mooncup because having to use my Keeper every other week has caused my latent sensitivity to latex to rear its head and other sanitary methods aren't an option.

Also, I plan on flooding the clinic with copies of their own stupid feedback forms. I took a 1/4" stack of them with me when I finally got that scrip and I'll be scanning it later tonight for anyone interested in filling one or more out on my behalf.
Women's health at SJAFB - Summer 2003

Real doctors in Colorado will at least ease the pain. Go 4th Medical Group! *sarcasm*

When in doubt, call someone who understands why you're so upset about not being taken seriously by the base clinic and a family medical history that complicates that situation.

Laurel and I are going home as soon as we sort out ticketing. (I'll be reimbursing my parents and/or sister, who are helping me on this, since right now we are a day out from payday and still waiting for the corrected tax refund to be direct-deposited.) Once we do I'll be using portability to transfer Laurel and I to Tricare's Central region. If Denver/Evergreen OB-GYN doesn't accept Tricare, I will see my old PCM at Conifer Mountain Family Medicine and either they (I can't say enough about how nice it is to have healthcare providers that treat the problem instead of symptoms) will take care of me or will refer me to a real (not military) doctor that can.

I [had] made my previous post today friends-only since I'm sure readers stumbling across my journal don't need to struggle through my great disappointment in the SJAFB medical clinic. [As of June 2005, it's now public.] In the meanwhile, the 4th Medical Group can kiss my ass -- and not get any of my every other week's uterine bleeding on them because my Keeper rocks. (It's soon to be replaced an analagous silicone model as the extrra stress on my body of using it 7 of every 14 days has brought my latent latex sensitivity out.)