July 30th, 2003


Leg hair, groceries, and packages going out.

In hopes I really will get that Pap smear tomorrow (the Tricare appointment line confirmed that I wanted one when I made the appointment, but it's been rescheduled a couple of times since -- go 4th Medical Group! *sarcasm*) I decided I should de-hair my legs. Shaving is always out of the question, so looking at the wax and a bottle of Nair after Himself left for work and the midget was napping, I chose the latter. Despite sounding and feeling half full, there was only enough for one leg up to the knee. Luckily I found a little bottle of bikini-area Nair from before someone convinced me I could do home waxing and did the other leg. It came out a bit uneven, but my legs are less hairy now.

Last night's broccoli salad was tasty, but next time I'd make it sans onion. Tonight Himself is picking up dinner as we need to go grocery shopping (at least pick up bread, milk and frozen juice) despite any crap he gets at work for taking dinner break. That's the nice thing about being so close to terminal leave -- they can try and screw him out of dinner like they usually do, but they can't do anything that would hurt him since he'll be gone in a few weeks.

Packages to Alabama, Texas, and Japan are going out tomorrow -- the stateside ones are already closed up. The one I'd offered HP5 to will have it included in their package. And Japan, there are more size 2T clothes coming your way and they should be the end in that size since I've started in on sorting her clothes.

Since the midget's still napping, I'm going to lie down next to her and get some more sleep myself.