July 28th, 2003

Women's health at SJAFB - Summer 2003

Don't be surprised if I'm offline for another few days.

Now I'm puking (indrectly caused by my current problems -- Himself says I was crying in my sleep last night; I rarely cry because it causes my sinuses to flare up, which often leads to puking as ingesting post-nasal drip turns my stomach), hotflashing and a call to the clinic resulted in no chance of moving up my appointment for the 4th, aside from going to sick call.

I would actually consider going to sick call, except that if you get there after noon (sick call is 1400-1500) the wait is at least 2.5 hours and the rest of the clinic closes between 1600 and 1700 so same-day prescriptions are out of the question. What I need to do is go to the clinic every day at 0730 and sit there all day in hopes of being seen, since that is apparently what others in need of acute care do.

I am wondering if I can get care if I go to sick call at another MTF (Pope/Bragg, Cherry Point, or Lejeune; I've never been to any of them but they can't be worse than here) although I'm sure it will prompt another round of being chewed out by nurse Dianne Bailey-Holland [Mean Women's Health Nurse] or 2Lt Maya Gripper ['my PA's Nurse That Listens'].

Don't be surprised if I'm not online for a few days, I'm fighting the urge to take anything and everything to stop the pain and hot flashes because I can't even focus enough to use the visualization techniques for pain my nurse-midwife taught me when I was pregnant with Laurel.

Also, since BellSouth sucks, I can't connect any faster than 9600 baud lately. Qwest may have lousy field technicians, but at least they fixed things after a week of complaining.
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Random ramblings.

After talking with vogonpoet, I feel a bit more able to deal with the pain. I still want to hear him sing, though.

(After Laurel goes home with Mom and Amy, I can camp out in the clinic until they do something -- which will probably be calling mental health, but I am not afraid of being threatened with mental health. I am afraid of needlessly suffering with something treatable because the doctors at the base clinic are too busy to actually render care.)

Cinnamon toast still makes me happy. Luckily it also settled my stomach.

Laurel likes No Use For A Name. In a few years, I can tell her she was punk once. *snerk*

I must get my hands on page 1B of the 16 July Canyon Courier because my issue came with a misprint (page 1B from the Columbine Courier, one of its sister papers) and I was cheated out of the first half of a story about a gay rodeo at the Jeffco fairgrounds. Luckily, the half I did get included a hysterical picture of two men trying to put a pair of underwear on a goat. I'll scan it later this week for everyone's amusement.

If my stomach stays settled after she goes down for the night, I'm going to eat some Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Crunch. Since my kiss of death has temporarily exiled both flavors I bought the time before last, Himself suggested I buy two pints of the one flavor they had that I did like last time we bought more.

I hope they let Himself out on time tonight and the rest of the week. They wouldn't let him switch to days this week (which would also give Jake some respite since the poor dear's been on days) so he's doing outprocessing days and then working evenings. I understand Oscar Brand's "Come & Join the AirForce" so much more now. Also, I'm tired.