July 16th, 2003

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Spam: "Code 9" or why I'm glad I'm not 13.

The following arrived as a 67 kb message entirely in HTML (I had to kick it to raw source view in MailWasher) from Himself's little sister. I'm sure she's oblivious to the fact that our parents are too far away to look over our shoulders at what we type in instant messages and that Himself actually barely uses any IM service, but I was amused she didn't bother to strip out 50kb+ worth of headers.

I had to fight the urge to create a fake screenname in response and see if she'd believe I'm a hunk of burning testosterone... where I'd probably say "uhh" and adjust my package a lot.

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Random bits: History Detectives, laser printer working, etc.

cathouse_blues, I must admit to watching History Detectives for the third night in a row, but it's mostly because I normally watch PBS when I'm not interested in what's on NPR (On Point from 2000-2100). Please whip me with wet noodles until my sense returns.

After buying a parallel cable since I was having no luck with setting it up with a USB cable, I finally got the laser printer to play with Windows XP. (I think the new cable did it, much like buying a single drill bit helped Himself find his bit set awhile back. Is there a name for this theory?) Laurel is absolutely fascinated by it since my test printing was a coloring sheet and she got a Dora the Explorer, a Miss Spider, and the first of the clown ones I'm working on in short order. Every so often when she walks by, she looks in the paper tray for new ones. Cracks me up.

Tomorrow morning is my appointment in Women's Health, where they will likely be disappointed that I neither have an STD nor am pregnant and try again to put me on HRT (no way I'd do that with my family history). I had no luck finding a pair of Groucho glasses (a la clemidia) locally and it didn't occur to me to order a pair online in time for reasonable shipping, so I'm trying to think of something amusing to do since I'm sure I'll have a good hour or more wait (if they can't see me within two hours of my appointment time, I'm giving up on the base clinic and waiting until we get home, where the same practice that saw me through pregnancy can fit me in expediently). Any ideas welcome.

I'm still so tired from the hormonal misery that the house is in desperate need of a cleaning, but it didn't really hit me until Himself helpfully told me on his way out I might want to ask for 24 hours' notice if the landlord calls back to arrange things. Turns out our water meter indicates a constant draw on the water and we've ruled out any leaks in the house, which means there may be one in the plumbing _under_ the house. If there is, I'd guess it's from when one of the neighbors' dogs forced its way under the house and careened around under there for 20 minutes before getting back out (whereupon I chased it off our lot with some metal shot we keep for the slingshot for just such an occasion). I've mostly tackled the kitchen (still have to do ironing and fold laundry) and plan on doing the living room tomorrow. Whee.