July 1st, 2003

Women's health at SJAFB - Summer 2003

Clinic blows, nothing else to report.

So after the fun of nearly five hours doing nothing in the clinic yesterday but having my PA, Lt. Dawn Jackson [initially called Lieutenant Hands Tied in this post], agree I needed to see Women's Health due to my strong family history of feminine disorders/cancers and my menopausal symptoms, I returned at 0720 to meet 2Lt. Gripper, the nurse that said she'd escort me to the places I need to go. I know where the lab and women's health are without having my hand held, but I thought it might help me get in a bit faster. Ha.

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I still have no problems with Tricare (we're staying with them after Himself goes to reserve duty and Laurel and I can go back to the provider we had in Conifer), but this clinic stinks. I'll keep everyone updated on what happens, though if I'm still bleeding this weekend Tricare can suck it because I'll go to the hospital. I'm tired of being constantly tired/drained from this and the hot flashes are driving me batshit since it's already too warm for me here.


Slightly off-topic: Before getting to talk to Lt. Jackson yesterday, the nurse-type assistants asking questions every time they came into the exam room repeatedly and pointedly asked if there was any chance my husband had slept with anyone else. It finally stopped when I said "Ma'am, my husband couldn't get laid by someone else even if he wanted to. He doesn't like people." She stared, but the question wasn't asked again. When I told Himself about it later, he said he could provide witnesses if I needed anyone to vouch for the validity of that statement. Heh.
Women's health at SJAFB - Summer 2003

Ultrasound scheduled, ten points to Tricare.

My one task for the day after the amazing wait in the clinic was to activate my referral and schedule that pelvic ultrasound. It took far more fuss than it should have (three calls to Tricare, two to the clinic and one to the hospital) but it only took three hours, which is better than the clinic.

At 0830 tomorrow morning, I get to see my innards on an ultrasound screen at the local (civilian) hospital. Hopefully they'll let me have copies of the pictures so I can be almost as amusing as Chuck affixing copies from his heart ultrasound to birth announcements ("It's A Girl!" -- and yes, I have a copy of one) and distributing them.

Back to trying to catch some more sleep while the AC's going full blast. Also must find the PT sweatpants as my jeans are now too tight despite being a size larger than my actual size. *sigh*

EDIT 2 JUL 03: The machine was positioned in a way that I couldn't see very much and the technician wasn't talkative, so I have no idea if anything interesting showed up on the ultrasound. I'll find out on the 17th, I guess. I'm set for leaving the house with my pants fastened since I found a pair of shorts Amy picked up for me when I was pregnant with Laurel.

Sad ducklings: Robert McCloskey passes on at 88.

Robert McCloskey, 88, of 'Make Way for Ducklings,' Is Dead

It must be a bad week now that Robert McCloskey's passed on too. He's always been one of my favorite authors, and between Make Way for Ducklings (which I own in both English and Spanish versions; if anyone knows of a Latin edition I'd buy it) and his wonderful Maine books (Blueberries for Sal, One Morning in Maine, Time of Wonder) I have such a hard time choosing a favorite.

My favorite duck crossing is not in Boston, though -- it's the one on Union Boulevard in Lakewood (south of 6th Ave). I'd always seen the signs on Union but had never seen the ducks until MileHiCon 1999, when I took a walk down Union and spotted the wonderful little ponds where they hang out. I highly recommend walking from 6th to Alameda along Union to anyone in the Denver area. Ducks make me happy.